Thi Mai Anh Nguyen

I work on theoretical and empirical topics in Industrial Organization, including topics on the boundary with Organizational Economics. 

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT in June 2023.  In September 2024, I will join the NYU Department of Economics as an Assistant Professor. Before then, I will be a postdoctoral researcher in economics at Microsoft Research.




Long-Term Relationships and the Spot Market: Evidence from US Trucking

with Adam Harris | January 2023 | [pdf] | [podcast

Long-Term Relationships in the US Truckload Freight Industry 

with Adam Harris |  May 2023 | [pdf]

Conditionally accepted, AEJ: Microeconomics

Empiricist Learning Rules on Social Networks: Convergence and Quality of Information Aggregation

October 2022 | [pdf]